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Frau Tatje an ihrem Schreibtisch

Hi – my name is Susanne Tatje!

I`ve been head of the Department of Demography and Statistics for Stadt Bielefeld since 2011. My position as Representative for Demography, in which I have been working on future planning for our town, has been expanded to include the sectors of statistics and town planning. Mayor Pit Clausen developed the new department from all of these sectors and put me in charge of it.
When I first started my work, Bielefeld was the first town in Germany to have a Representative for Demography in its council and today Bielefeld is again the first town to have a Department of Demography and Statistics.
As Representative, it is still my job to see whether the development of the population is taken into account in the plans of the various departments in the town hall, i.e. “becoming fewer, older, more mixed.” For our statistics work, all my colleagues and I deal with the subject of “Bielefeld in figures,” which means the question of how many people are living in our town, how old they are, how many children are living in the various parts of Bielefeld how many unemployed people live here and lots more.

Our town in 20 or 30 years

Perhaps you´ve sometimes asked yourselves what Bielefeld will look like in 20 or 30 years? Demographic experts examine this thoroughly and with the help of statistics are able to describe how the population of a country could develop over a longer period of time. For example, the following questions can arise:

  • How old are the people who live in a town?
  • How many of them are under 20 and how many over 60 years old?
  • How many children are being born?
  • Where do these people come from? How many have moved to the town from somewhere else?
  • How many of them were born in this town and still live here?
  • What differences are there between the various municipal districts?

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