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These are my duties

My duties are very varied: for the demographic sector, I develop ideas and suggestions concerning how the people in our town will live well together in the future. In the planning by the individual municipal departments, I make sure that demographic aspects are taken into consideration. You´ll see further examples of subjects we discuss further down the page.
To make sure the active structuring of our future works well, my colleagues and I meet often, working with numbers and statistics concerning Bielefeld. A large part of these applies to the population, meaning the people who live here. Exact figures help those responsible because then they don´t have to make guesses without any concrete information when planning, for example, whether there are enough nursery schools or affordable apartments.

It´s very important that everything runs smoothly in my department and that we all work well together.

This is a photo of me and the team from the Department of Demography and Statistics, standing in front of the town hall.

(left to right)
Nadeschda Hotmann (Statistics)
Monika Hachmeister (Head of Department´s office)
Susanne Tatje (Head of Department)
Manja Schallock (Statistics)
Jakob Guzy (Statistics)

Frau Tatje

For my work I have to...

  1. …do a lot of reading and research
    For example I read scientific surveys or new planning concepts prepared by my colleagues at the town hall as well as conducting internet research.
  1. ...do a lot of listening
    When talking for example to hospital doctors, school principals or colleagues at the Planning Department, I receive important information about life in our town.
  1. ...do a lot of talking and writing
    I write a lot of texts, e.g. for books or magazines. In addition, I give talks and speak to journalists for newspaper, radio or TV interviews. If you are interested in this, you can write me an email.
  1. ...do a lot of maths
    Together with my colleagues in the department, I collect figures concerning the people who live in Bielefeld – these are more than 330,000. With the help of these figures, the town council can plan nursery schools and schools, for example.

Important questions for town planning


Example 1: How many nursery schools does the town need?

Imagine that a new kindergarten is going to be built in a part of Bielefeld. The following questions then need to be asked…
For example!


Example 2: The fire brigade and drinking water

Did you know that we get our drinking water from the same pipes as the fire brigade gets water to extinguish fires?
For example!

These examples show that there are a lot of things to think about and now you´re probably asking yourselves who decides in the end which solutions are the right ones? These are our rules in the town hall: I make proposals for the demographic sector and town mayor and town council decide what should be done.

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