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Six demographic aims for Bielefeld

Can demographic change also be a chance?

To be able to find solutions to important questions of the future, I already developed a concept in 2006. The title is „Demographic change as a chance?". This concept is intended to help with future town planning.
After long discussions, the concept was unanimously agreed by the town council and a way into the future of Bielefeld was determined. These are aims are now being worked out and implemented, one after another. The focus is on six demographic aims and future tasks for Bielefeld:

1. We encourage integration!

More people from other countries live in big German towns and cities than on average in the whole of Germany. The proportion of immigrants among children and youngsters is even higher. This also applies for Bielefeld, where the inhabitants include people of more than 150 nationalities!
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2. We are becoming the most family-friendly town!

In the discussion about why young people are not having children, the main reason is that there is not enough child care available. Scientists emphasize that several factors contribute to the decision for or against having children:
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3. We are living ready for the future!

Demographic change is not only changing our whole town but also individual municipal districts. In Bielefeld, it can be seen that the proportion of migrant people is rising in some districts, and in other areas, there is a rise in the number of older people. This is why we think very carefully about how to answer as many questions as possible concerning co-existence in each district.
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4. Lifetime learning!

In the coming years, knowledge and skills will become increasingly important. If even fewer children are born, there will not be enough well-trained specialists in various professional sectors in future, e.g. crafts, the retail sector, science or administration.
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5. Fit for the future!

Fewer children are being born in Germany and at the same time, people are growing older so it´s all the more important that they stay healthy and mobile for as long as possible. However, the basis for health and fitness is already formed in childhood.
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6. Working for the future!

The drop in the birth rate means there are tasks for our town, too, for example, there will be a future lack of qualified and creative employees in our hospitals, companies and administration.
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