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Fit for the future! Easy cooking for kids with Sarah Wiener

The well-known cook, Sarah Wiener, who also appears on TV and writes cookery books, told me the secret of her sweet casserole “Sarahs Scheiterhaufen.” She thinks it´s important that kids learn to cook and enjoy doing it. This helps to realize our 5th demographic aim, “Fit for the future!” The recipe is really easy for you to cook. We did the all the chopping and baking ourselves and took photos. Why don´t you try it out?

You´ll find the recipe and photos here: PDF recipe download


A book project by and for children

Our future – my town

The title of this book doesn´t only sound exciting – it really is! Firstly, that´s because it´s all about your future and secondly because pupils from Bielefeld were involved in producing the book and a lot of experts give their opinions in it. The book is a richly illustrated source of knowledge and encourages kids to become active themselves. The subject of demography is explained in a way that´s easy to understand and the town of Bielefeld is shown as an example for projects which can be adapted for other towns, cities and communities. In the book, you get to know the 12 to 13-year-old pupils who worked hard in school projects on the subject of demography as well as taking part in “How do we want to live” workshop on the future, where creative proposals were produced. You can see interesting suggestions for activities to join, with corresponding, very original illustrations by Rebecca Schmücker. Our tip – just have a look inside!

Unsere Zukunft. Meine Stadt:
Ein Buch über den demographischen Wandel für junge Menschen von 10 bis 100 von Susanne Tatje (Autorin und Herausgeberin), Kunstsinn-Verlag Bielefeld, Dezember 2012, ISBN 978-3-939264-07-1


The secret of the demography stamp

There´s a real demography stamp at Bielefeld town hall – it has a wooden grip, a rubber stamp surface and the words “DEMOGRAPHICALLY EXAMINED,” in mirror-writing of course.
Now you can imagine that there are official rubber stamps for all kinds of things in the town hall. The idea behind the demography stamp is the same – this stamp, which was developed by Susanne Tatje, shows everybody that the subject in question has been examined. Now I´ll let you into a secret – the stamp was developed by Susanne Tatje and is intended to remind the people who work at the town hall of the demographic aspects, “We are becoming fewer, older and more mixed” in all planning procedures. There´s also a description for the correct use of the stamp. Where can you see it? People say it´s been seen on Susanne Tatje´s desk and who knows – maybe one day you´ll see it stamped on some mysterious plans for our future…

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