Important questions for town planning


Example 1:
How many nursery schools does the town need?

Imagine that a new kindergarten is going to be built in a part of Bielefeld. The following questions then need to be asked…

  1. Does a kindergarten really need to be built in this part of Bielefeld? Perhaps there will be fewer children here in a few years and more older people will be living here.
  2. Would it be better to look for other solutions? For example, large apartments could be rented to use as nursery schools. Or several apartments could be rented together in one house and converted for the children´s use.
  3. Maybe the new building could be designed to be used for other activities later? For example, as a meeting place for older people in that part of town.

We definitely need more nursery school places, that´s clear. But it´s important to think about exactly how to plan today and how we spend our municipal money, which is very short, so it´s really important to save where possible.