1. We encourage integration!

More people from other countries live in big German towns and cities than on average in the whole of Germany. The proportion of immigrants among children and youngsters is even higher. This also applies for Bielefeld, where the inhabitants include people of more than 150 nationalities!

In particular, this is why we want to support a positive co-existence between all the people living in our town. This task was included in demographic-political considerations some time ago. Until 2010, the integration concept for Stadt Bielefeld was developed under the heading “We encourage integration!” This concept determined aims and possible action on issues such as education and employment, resulting in concrete measures and projects, for example to support children from migrant families in schools and nursery schools. We now have a language-learning support programme “Living and talking together,” as well as language courses in schools and career choice support. There are special projects for parents´ information, to help them to support their children better.


How many nationalities are there in your class? How international is your neighbourhood or district? Where do your friends come from? What do you know about different cultures and religions? What does the word “integration” mean to you?