2. We are becoming the most family-friendly town!

In the discussion about why young people are not having children, the main reason is that there is not enough child care available. Scientists emphasize that several factors contribute to the decision for or against having children:

Finding the right partner, a secure job and a positive public attitude towards children play a major role. Child care is especially important when both parents are working or want to work and particularly in cases where one parent lives alone with the child or children. In Bielefeld, various measures have been developed to help make the subject of having children become more important. It should not have to happen that deciding to have children of their own is made more difficult for people because of a lack of child care.


At present, fewer and fewer children are being born. What could the reasons be? How many children did your grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents have? How do you want to live when you´re grown up? Do you want to have children and have a family or would you rather live alone?