3. We are living ready for the future!

Demographic change is not only changing our whole town but also individual municipal districts. In Bielefeld, it can be seen that the proportion of migrant people is rising in some districts, and in other areas, there is a rise in the number of older people. This is why we think very carefully about how to answer as many questions as possible concerning co-existence in each district.

How should we build or convert houses and apartments for more and more people who are growing older? When somebody needs a rollator, walking stick or a wheelchair, obstacles have to be overcome. This also applies for young families with small children and their prams. It makes daily life much easier when people can move around in buildings or districts without any great difficulties.


How do your parents and grandparents live? Do you know anybody who lives in a care facility or special accommodation for senior citizens? How do you want live when you´re old? Can you think of any situations where younger and older people live together and help each other?