4. Lifetime learning!

In the coming years, knowledge and skills will become increasingly important. If even fewer children are born, there will not be enough well-trained specialists in various professional sectors in future, e.g. crafts, the retail sector, science or administration.

When youngsters don´t receive good school and professional education, their chances for the future are not so good. This is why the people responsible in the town halls and political sectors are considering whether there should be more educational support in future. This would also benefit towns and cities, for example because companies would want to concentrate their business in places where there are enough qualified employees.

The Bielefeld education fund, which supports special school projects, has been set up for the same reason. The main condition for the schools to win this support is that certain subjects are covered in their projects: focus on their own municipal district, encouraging younger and older people learning together, and supporting pupils of other nationalities. This project is sponsored by the Sparda-Bank Stiftung Hannover foundation.


One of the projects that are supported is at the Gymnasium am Waldhof, aimed at ensuring that increasing numbers of pupils coming from other countries can graduate with the German Abitur. There is a special language course for these pupils, where they compile their own special vocabulary lists, constantly increasing their knowledge of the German language. This course continues throughout the pupils´ time at school, right up to starting studies at college or university.