5. Fit for the future!

Fewer children are being born in Germany and at the same time, people are growing older so it´s all the more important that they stay healthy and mobile for as long as possible. However, the basis for health and fitness is already formed in childhood.

Scientists at the Robert-Koch-Institut have found out that a lot of children are not healthy. They are badly-fed, eat too much fat and sugar and their meals are not well-balanced enough, in addition they don´t get enough exercise. Some children don´t eat enough and are therefore too thin, which is also unhealthy. It doesn´t matter whether you´re fat, thin or “normal” weight, you can start to live more healthily any time – and it´s even fun to do!

Cook a healthy meal with Mayor Pit Clausen

We asked our Mayor Pit Clausen for a healthy recipe and do you know what he said? In spring he likes to eat fried chicken with green asparagus and tomatoes.

Pdf recipe to print out

Enjoy cooking it!